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Tracking Tripod Rotation
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Tripod mount for cell phone

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360 face tracking phone holder 

  • This versatile stabilizer can keep your frames steady and smooth, giving you professional-quality results in a snap. 
  • Enjoy increased stability and accuracy with its intuitive and responsive 360° rotation control.

Capture studio-level footage with ease, thanks to the tripod's advanced tilt lock and roll adjustment capabilities. Enhancing your creativity with enhanced usability and precision.  

Stabilizer Camera Gimbal

  • A stabilizer camera gimbal is an essential tool for achieving steady and smooth shots with your cell phone when taking photos or filming. 
  • It offers stability and reduces shaking or blurriness, resulting in top-notch images and videos.

An expertly designed camera gimbal stabilizes your shots with precision, providing unmatched stability and clarity for impeccable photos and videos. 

Appropriate with: Android Phone Holder

  • Android Phone Holder Keep your device secure and in reach with this flexible tripod mount, designed to mount on any flat surface for an optimal viewing angle.
  • It's the perfect companion to watch movies, video chat, or take photos, all with hands-free convenience.

Elevate your viewing experience with hands-free convenience. This flexible tripod mount securely holds your Android device at an optimal viewing angle, making it perfect for movies, video chats, and photos. Designed for any flat surface, it's the ultimate accessory for your device. 

Compatible for: iPhone Phone Holder

  • This tripod mount is specifically designed for iphone devices, making it an ideal attachment for hands-free photography, streaming, and videoconferencing.
  • This sturdy yet lightweight mount is optimized for iPhone devices, making it an essential tool for a variety of tasks.

Enjoy superior stability and quality visuals every time. Experience ultimate convenience and precise results with our lightweight yet durable tripod mount, specifically designed for iphone devices. Enhance your photography, streaming, and videoconferencing with optimal stability and superior visual quality. 

Tripod camera - woman

Horizontal and vertical monitor setup: 

Tripod Benefits and Features:  

1. Smart Auto Tracking: This cell phone tripod mount has an AI camera with automatic face and body tracking, as well as horizontal and vertical tracking modes. Press the power key for 3 seconds to turn on and it will detect rotation within 3 seconds.

2. Auto Tracking Phone Holder: This versatile face-tracking bracket is compatible with a wide range of streaming and photography software on both iPhone and Android platforms, making it perfect for vlogging, live streaming on Facebook, and video recording. Discover a Camera Stand for Mobile shooting 

3. Smart holder for phone:  Versatile and sturdy, this Smart Phone Tripod Mount is perfect for live streaming, online instruction, and business conferencing. It works with both mobile phone holders and camera tripods, making it a practical choice for all your mounting needs.

4. Video shooting stands: This video shooting stand, also a selfie video stand, offers a 360-degree rotation, providing complete coverage for maximum creativity. Easily adjust and fine-tune the shooting angle to capture the perfect shot every time.

5. Selfie video tips:  Capture the perfect moment with easy-to-follow guidance on setting up the perfect shot. Learn how to position lights, adjust camera angles, and optimize recording techniques. Get the most out of your selfie video with this essential guide. Check Smart Home Video Security  

7. Smart Auto Face Tracking Tripod: Attach the camera lens, middle bulge, and smartphone camera in a straight alignment, then connect the charging cable for rotation of your product device Tripod. Shipping From United States, 5-10 days Delivery. 

Auto Face Tracking Tripod 360 Rotation

Rotating stand for monitor: Tripod Camera

  • The Tripod Camera rotating stand is designed to provide superior ergonomic comfort, allowing for precise adjustments to ensure optimal viewing angles and motion range. 
  • Made with a rotating stand, this product is adjustable to help you maintain an ergonomic posture and reduce discomfort while working. 
    Auto Face Tracking Tripod Video Gif 

    Smart auto face tracking tripod  

    Say goodbye to all the hassle and welcome the era of tracking tripods with 360 rotation. This innovative technology is revolutionizing the way we capture moments, making it easier than ever to captivate your audience. 

    • These tripods are equipped with face tracking to keep up with your movements, thus guaranteeing you are included in all shots.
    • Whether you're vlogging, live streaming, or shooting professional videos, this feature guarantees every shot is perfect, no matter where you move.  
    • Reduce your workload and take advantage of high-quality results. Create engaging content with reliable, steady videos. Enjoy the benefit of a perfectly focused image without constant repositioning.
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