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Auto Face Tracking Tripod 360 Rotation

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360 face tracking phone holder 

This versatile stabilizer can keep your frames steady and smooth, giving you professional-quality results in a snap. Enjoy increased stability and accuracy with its intuitive and responsive 360° rotation control. Capture studio-level footage with ease, thanks to the tripod's advanced tilt lock and roll adjustment capabilities. Enhancing your creativity with enhanced usability and precision.

Horizontal and Vertical Mobile Stand Rotation:

Tripod Feature: 

1. Smart Auto Tracking: This smart phone bracket features an AI camera, which delivers automated face and body tracking, as well as horizontal and vertical tracking modes for an easy Live broadcast experience.  smart auto face tracking tripod. Upon powering on with 3 seconds press of the power key, it is capable of identifying the rotation within 3 seconds. 

2. Tracking Holder with Strong Compatibility: This face tracking bracket boasts broad compatibility: It is compatible with various streaming and photography software across iPhone and Android platforms. Thus, you can easily capture vlogs, broadcast on Facebook, and shoot videos. Camera Stand for Mobile shooting

3. Shooting Holder and Gimbal Stabilizer:  This cutting-edge selfie stick fully supports all-round rotation, up-down tilt of 360°, and can accurately follow the movement of your face, providing an exceptional shooting and video experience. This Tripod Rotation can be used anywhere.

4. Smart holder for phone with the universal interface: The 1/4-inch universal interface of the device phone holder base enables it to attach to mobile phone holders and camera tripods, making it suitable for use in live streaming, online instruction, and business conferencing. Iphone 6 stand; horizontal phone stand. Smart auto face tracking tripod.

5. Smart Auto Face Tracking Tripod: Easy installation: Attach the camera lens, middle bulge and smartphone camera in a straight alignment, then connect the charge cable for rotation of your product device Tripod. Shipping From United States, 5-10 days Delivery.

Tripod camera - woman

Tired of continually resetting your camera when taking videos or photos?

Say goodbye to all the hassle and welcome the era of auto face tracking tripods with 360 rotation. This innovative technology is revolutionizing the way we capture moments, making it easier than ever to captivate your audience. 

  • These tripods are equipped with auto face tracking to keep up with your movements, thus guaranteeing you are included in all shots.
  • Whether you're vlogging, live streaming, or shooting professional videos, this feature guarantees every shot is perfect, no matter where you move.
  • But that's not all – the 360 rotation capability takes your creativity to the next level. Capture stunning panoramas, time-lapses, or immersive videos with the ability to rotate the camera a full 360 degrees. 
  • This versatility allows you to explore new angles and perspectives, resulting in captivating content that keeps your viewers engaged. Investing in an auto face tracking tripod with 360 rotation means saving time, effort, and frustration. 
  • Let technology do the work for you, so you can focus on creating amazing content that draws in your audience. Say hello to smooth, professional-looking videos, and say goodbye to out-of-focus shots and awkward readjustments.  


  • This phone stand product handheld gimbal features NFC communication, 2-axis control, face recognition, SMARTPHONE compatibility, and 5h of working time. Enjoy effortless operation and extended battery life, with up to 5 hours of use and advanced technical features like NFC communication, 2-axis control, face recognition, and SMARTPHONE compatibility - Tripod Camera.
  • The product comes in black, white, and pink and is made of ABS. It has a 1200mAh battery and a Type-c charging port, with a maximum current of 1A. It consumes 5W of power and has an optimal distance of 1-3 meters. Android Phone Holder. Smart face recognition auto tracking tripod.
  • The product is suitable for phones between 40-80mm in width, and has a size of 175.2*54.8*57mm (without base) and 183.7*95*95mm (with base). Certification. 
Auto Face Tracking Tripod 360 Rotation

This device is powered on and ready to use. 

When the device fails to identify a face, the green light flashes quickly. Steady green light indicates that the device has detected a face. Double click the key, turn it in the reverse direction, and hit Stop. Click the key to pause and the red light will illuminate. Hit the key again to resume operation.

    Potential for control and Power down: 

    When its sensors detect a subject, the tripod will pause and the red light will be illuminated; afterwards, it will resume operation.  Smart Home Video Security

    Once the device is detected, Tracking Tripod  is automatically shut off after 15 minutes. If the battery is running low, the red LED light will blink for 1 minute before powering off. Raise the camera to capture higher angles, and lower it for lower angles of shooting.  

    Auto Face Tracking Tripod Video Gif 

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